Randomly Assigned

So, you were born. If you weren’t you obviously wouldn’t be reading this post. You exist, just like the other 7 billion people on Earth. And though you may feel triumphantly proud of some of your human features, it was so very random that you’ve no right to hold pride about any of them. Yes, it is that simple. Yet so many are proud to be white, proud to be American, proud to be a woman, etc.

That leads me to ask, “how can you hold pride in something you did not earn nor accomplish?“.

Skin color, eye and hair color, gender, and sometimes even your religious beliefs were randomly assigned to you. These statements seem like such a simple concept to grasp, yet I live in a country that is still filled with hate. While it may seem that all of these labels, the adjectives used to categorize humans are actually creators of division, they aren’t. Humans who falsely hold beliefs that their “adjectives” are better than the next person’s “adjectives” are the problems.



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